TAD_Back to School 2018

Tahir Academy Dallas is a proud member of a growing chain of nationwide schools established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA under the banner of “Tahir Academy”. The purpose of Tahir Academy is to provide an environment that is friendly and conducive for our children to learn and proudly practice the fundamentals of our faith in a pluralistic society. We want Ahmadi children to be role models, not followers, among their peers. This is possible once children are capable to defend their faith with the power of argument and logic.

The school is run by our dedicated faculty, under guidance of a Board of Directors and supported by Parents and other members of the community, who work tirelessly to make it a wholesome experience for our children.

We also want our children to be helped in all matters they face including academic challenges to make them excel in their fields.

In view of the above stated goals, Tahir Academy Dallas has adopted the following as the Objectives of the establishment

  • Impart Islamic values to our children from a young age. Prepare ideal Muslim students for the community and the nation
  • Create a learning environment and provide religious education to the children – boys and girls
  • Help children life skills essential for their success in their religious and academic life

See a video presentation of Tahir Academy Dallas with various stake holders


Contact : info@tahiracademydallas.org

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