TAD Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum parents

Just a few reminders

1. We sent out a simple survey last weekend. This is a local survey and intended to get feedback on how we do and plan forward. Should not take more than a minute. Please complete the survey asap. If you have already done, Jazakallah

2. Please make sure your child goes through the folder and complete all homework. We suggest that you spend a couple minutes everyday rather than doing it all on Saturday. It is welcome that you help your child complete the home works.

3. For children in 10-14 group, please make sure they go through the folder well enough and get a good understanding. Especially for this group, it is not just about completing the homework – we expect them to get a good understanding and ask questions in the next class.

4. Lastly, as you know we will have the next class this Sunday, Feb 8. Please be on time, and make sure they come prepared with their folders, with proper attire and head cover etc.


for staff, Tahir Academy Dallas

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