TAD Homeworks from class date 2/8

Assalamu Alaikum parents

Just want to remind you on the homework assignments for the children. In Subject 3, all students watched videos of how Hindus and Buddhists pray. The following are the links to the YouTube videos. We encourage you to watch them with your kids and help them answer the homeworks

Places of Worship – Buddhism http://youtu.be/_aTjpYZkK8I
Place of Worship – Hinduism http://youtu.be/jDc4CJscWws

We will be having the kids watch two more videos on Christian worship and Judaic worship in the next class and it will be good if you can go through the following videos prior to the class

Places of Worship – Baptists http://youtu.be/h5Y6ptlI9fM
Places of Worship – Judaism http://youtu.be/0xKZTJnFi0k

Each of these videos are only 10 min and is very interesting to watch and understand as well

We have given a copy of the book "Elementary Study of Islam" to all 11-14 children. They have homework based on this book. Please have them read the book and answer the homework.


Staff, Tahir Academy Dallas

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