TAD Field Trip – Sat 30 May – Important

Assalamu Alaikum parents

As we all know, the annual field trip of Tahir Academy Dallas is coming up this saturday, Jun 30. We are Insha Allah be visiting Fortworth Museum of Science and History. We have made reservations for the students and chaperones and looking forward for a memorable trip. If anyone has any change of plans, please let us know before Jum’a prayers tomorrow.

The museum website is http://www.fwmuseum.org/. Please visit the site and let your child know as well what all to explore there. We will be watching an educational IMAX movie carefully chosen for their age group. You can learn
more about it here: http://www.fwmuseum.org/omni-theater-about

We will also visit the planetarium which you can check out here: http://www.fwmuseum.org/noble-planetarium-about

The children will be grouped like the normal TAD class grouping and will be attached to one or more chaperons per group. Insha Allah there will be one chaperon each for max 6 children of 11-14 group, 4 children in the 7-10 group and 2 children in the 5-6 group. The kids shall follow the instructions of their respective chaperons and cooperate with them.

Here is a quick list of action items

1. Please pray for the success of the trip and ask your child also to do so. The weather has been severe recently and the forecasts shows rain this Saturday as well. The facility is indoors and we will not be affected much Insha Allah

2. Send a sack lunch with your child, we will be eating it once we arrive at the facility. We want to respect the chaperons and their cars and suggest do not eat / drink in the cars.

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please remind the children to keep the dignity as Ahmadi child in their way of dressing and their behavior while at the museum.

4. We originally planned to do a picnic style snack outdoors, but with the weather forecast, we will have a small snack at the museum cafeteria. Additional snacks if required are available for purchase at the cafeteria. If you think your child will need to buy extra, please send money for the same.

5. Additionally, if your child wishes to purchase a souvenir let a chaperone know and include some money for that as well.

6. Please check in your child(ren) between 10 AM and 10:15 AM. Please send the last TAD folder with them as well since we will need to reuse the folders next year.

7. Please plan to pick up the child between 6 and 6:30 PM from the Masjid. We will email more accurate timing Insha Allah when we start back. Additionally please feel free to call Riyaz or Yasser after 4PM.


Staff, Tahir Academy Dallas

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