Back to school; back to Academy

Assalamu Alaikum

Hope all of you had a nice summer vacation. As we are getting ready to send the kids back to school, I want to let you know that Tahir Academy is also getting ready to welcome back our students and welcome your students and parents as well.

Our classes will start Sep 13 Insha Allah, so kids will be well settled by that time.

Nationally, Tahir Academy has a new title now – "Home of Atfal and Nasirat". At national level, the auxiliaries are working together to create a unified Talim Syllabus for Nasirat and Atfal which will become the Tahir Academy Syllabus.

Locally we are planning some minor changes in the class organization. We are introducing some newer ideas to focus better on students and making positive impact. All of these are possible with the cooperation of our parents and a lot of effort from our teachers.

We are planning to have a back to school session for parents, details will be sent out soon. For kids coming back, there is no need of re-registration. But please make sure you attend this session so you can understand how things are happening and how you can get involved as well.

Meanwhile, check our website


Staff, Tahir Academy Dallas