TAD Fwd: Dallas Education & Career Day Next Sunday Oct 11

Assalamu Alaikum parents

Our next class day, Oct 11 will feature the Dallas Education Day as well. Since it is a day focusing on guiding our students to choose the right career path for them, we have decided that the Education Day will also be delivered under the Tahir Academy platform.

The Contemporary Studies lesson for October will be dedicated to career education. On Oct 11, they will attend the Education Day program and we will have special follow up on the same topic in the next class during the Oct 25 class.

Please note that there is no change for the TAD students. Their check in and check out time and modalities will remain the same. While parents are requested to join during the Education Day program starting at 12:45 (which falls in the third period), TAD students will remain seated separately in the halls. You can check them out after Zuhr prayers as usual.

Please also remember to help the children finish their homework and bring the completed folders for the class on Oct 11.


For staff Tahir Academy Dallas