TAD Interesting Opportunity for TAD kids

Assalamu Alaikum

The students had a little chat with Sadr Sb today after regular classes about creating small video clips for Humanity First Telethon. They can generated 1-2 min video and if Humanity First selects their clip for playing during the Telethon event this Thursday, there exciting prices to win

Many children are really excited and want to participate. They need YOUR help in making it happen!

Please get your cameras and actions ready and get the video

What : 1-2 min video promoting Charity, Humanity First Work or Current world situation requiring us to do the Charity work

When: Thursday 26 Nov is the deadline announced. I would suggest get this done by Tuesday so you have ample time for any fixes and for uploading etc.

Win: 1 Top Prize of $500, 5 Prizes of $200 and 5 Prizes of $100 to anyone from Atfal, Nasirat or Humanity First Student Organization

I am forwarding the original mails below for additional information. Please look forward for email from General Sec on the Jamaat email list for updates and additional information.



2015 Telethon Flyer_Lowres (2).pdf
President’s HF Contact List-2015.xlsx