TAD ML2 Class Debrief

With term 2, we started sharing the workbook before the class online, and we do want to get more information to the parents – such as what was discussed in the class, what is expected and how the child performed. The first sheet in your folder has comments sheet from the teachers. Please have a look. It might not have much this week but as we proceed you will see more comments coming back home.

In addition, we are sharing teachers notes regarding what is covered in the class. Please see below for the class last Sunday

Holy Qur’an – Tahir Abdullah

Detailed discussion regarding Vowels:

1) short vowels (Irabs)
2) long wools , two ways to write, the sounds are same (letters, alif, wow and ya with certain conditions)
3) Exercises regarding the rules on Vowels
4) Correct Recitation of selected Surah per class to practice rules studied today

Home Work
1. read page 1 (Vowels discussion for short and long vowels exclude super long vowels for now…) – questions will be asked in the next class.
2. exercise on top of page 2
3. Recite and learn selected / prescribed surah in the folder

Islamic Studies – Hamid Sheikh

Parents please make sure to start early on memorization homework.

Contemporary Studies – Jari Khan

Our topic was true representation of Islam. Children read out the course turn by turn covering loyalty towards one’s country, respect of other religions and ideas, obeying the rulers of the country is just like obeying God and Holy Prophet. We discussed that we Ahmadi Muslims are true representatives and flag bearers of Islam. We went over the home work questions. Then we went over the scenarios how to answer questions posed by non Muslim friends. Hope children learned a lot. I gave them example of fighting or working against our own country is like cutting the branch of tree we are sitting on. This will result in our own fall.