TAD Jan 10 Class Notes: ML1

Assalamu Alaikum

Here are the class notes for the Middle Level One (ML1) class from the Jan 10 Class. Please make sure to go through the binder with the kids and have them explain what they learnt in the class. Please prepare them for the video recording plan by the Contemporary Studies teacher – see below. [this is not a listed homework in the binder]

Holy Qur’an – Tahir Abdullah
Since Vowels and Long Vowels is a lengthy topic to make sure all students understand the importance, we had a detailed review.
Had students go over the exercises at random and discussed the rules.
Introduction of Long Vowels was done briefly for foundation.
Also went over the recitation of the selected Surah.
Plan for Next Class:
Continue Super Long Vowels, discuss the two types in the contents, go over all Exercises again in the classroom.
End with recitation of the selected Surah and go over Homework.
1. Revise the rules, study them at home
2. Go over the Exercises at home.
NOTE: This month the content only contains the Recitation rules and no grammar section.
Islamic Studies – Aliya Mahmood
The ML 1 boys learned about the second pillar of Islam that is Salat. We discussed in detail that why we should pray and that we can pray for anything and everything from Allah. Then we acted out the steps to do wudu. Also the kids repeated the prayer of ablution 5/6 times with me. We discussed why it is important to do wudu.
I told them that this time their homework is memorizing steps of wudu and the prayer. I mistakenly told them that they have to memorize Adan but that’s not part of the homework this time. It’s only wudu prayer and steps.
Contemporary Studies – Khalid Kark
We reviewed the previous coursework on representing Islam in America and then spent most of the time discussing the concept of Jihad. We  discussed the three kinds of Jihad and watched the first few minutes of this  video clip. I would urge parents to watch this video with the children and have them come prepared to the next class knowing the three types of Jihad, we plan on video recording kids responses to the question that is the true Islamic concept of Jihad. The kids can bring a script but cannot read from it during video recording (they have to explain in their own words).