TAD Jan 10 Class Notes: SL Girls

Assalamu Alaikum

Here are the teacher notes for the class Senior Level Girls. Please go through the binder contents as well and do check the front sheet for student specific teacher feedback

Holy Qur’an – Daud Nasrullah
We discussed and reviewed short and long vowels again. We worked on the rules of long vowels and how to identify and read these. The class took turns in reciting and practicing the long vowels examples from the material.
We then touched on the subject of super long vowels and how to recognize those.
We will work next week to complete the subject of super long vowels inshallah.
Islamic Studies – Komal Munir
The girls were pulled out individually to listen to their recitation and memorization of last month’s assigned prayers.
 **They did a pretty good job!
Home work was graded for last time.
We read chapter on Patience and Hazrat Jonah(AS).
Covered some vocabulary words.
Parents:  students need to do research on Hazrat Jonah(AS) as the homework for next class.
Contemporary Studies – Nadia Mohammed
We started with open discussion about belief in Allah and how arguments using logic can lead to answers when talking about hard to grasp concepts. Covered folder material dealing with logical reasons a creator must exist for such a complicated creation, us humans.
I urge parents to get involved with the homework and ask their students why they believe in Allah. Also ask them to explain the “watch” metaphor