TAD Jan 10 Class : ML2

Assalamu Alaikum

Here are the class notes for the Middle Level Two (ML2) class from the Jan 10 Class. Please make sure to go through the binder with the kids and have them explain what they learnt in the class

The students were not tested on their Salat memorizations last week and will be tested during the next class on Jan 24. Please revise with the students and make sure they recite the prayers during their Salat

Holy Qur’an – Tahir Abdullah

Since Vowels and Long Vowels is a lengthy topic to make sure all students understand the importance, we had a detailed review.
Had students go over the exercises at random and discussed the rules.

Introduction of Long Vowels was done briefly for foundation.
Also went over the recitation of the selected Surah.

Plan for Next Class:
Continue Super Long Vowels, discuss the two types in the contents, go over all Exercises again in the classroom.
End with recitation of the selected Surah and go over Homework.

1. Revise the rules, study them at home
2. Go over the Exercises at home.

NOTE: This month the content only contains the Recitation rules and no grammar section.

Islamic Studies – Hamid Sheikh

We covered importance of Salat. Parents should keep reminding children to stay focused during Salat, to pray for themselves and family during Sajda in their own words after Arabic prayers

Contemporary Studies – Jari Khan

Students covered the whole syllabus “how to represent Islam in America”for the month in class. Each student read a part of syllabus. This was followed by discussion and meaning of each by illustrations as below. Please see pictures attached just as a way for the parents to know that how their children as participating in class. Jazakallah. In our next class plan to go over deeper in all three domains of the syllabus