TAD Jan 10 Class Notes : SL Boys

Assalamu Alaikum

Here are the teacher notes for the class Senior Level Boys. Please go through the binder contents as well and do check the front sheet for student specific teacher feedback

Please read the comment from the Islamic Studies teacher below. I would request parents to advise the children to follow discipline during the class.

Holy Qur’an – Daud Nasrullah

We discussed and reviewed short and long vowels again. We worked on the rules of long vowels and how to identify and read these. The class took turns in reciting and practicing the long vowels examples from the material.
We then touched on the subject of super long vowels and how to recognize those.
We will work next week to complete the subject of super long vowels inshallah.

Islamic Studies – Aasim Ahmad

We discussed Patience. The class was a little rowdy, but we discussed some hadith and quranic verses related to patience and steadfastness. We also spent a few minutes talking about the history of Religion and used examples during the time of the Prophet (saw) and Ahmadiyyat to show the reward for patience. We also touched on the extreme hardships some believers had to face long before Islam as related by the Prophet (saw).

Contemporary Studies – Yasser Suhail

We had an excellent topic for discussion this week as students had brought up discussions around “Existence of God” in prior classes. We covered the material and in the context of that, had open discussions to present ideas and answer questions. There were some parts of the topics that the students rightly pointed out were not strong arguments while other parts, I felt, opened up their thought process on how to approach this topic. I can say that this was one of the most interactive classes we have had with this group with everyone participating quite well. In fact, one student mentioned to me that this is the best class they have had so far. I asked them to focus on the homework for the next class and it is appropriate that the homework was related to reflections they had from their class discussions. We will continue expanding on the topic for the next class and continue with the material.