TAD Jan 24 Class Notes: ML1

Holy Qur’an: Tahir Abdullah

We had gone over the long vowels in HQ Class. This time the focus was practicing and going over the exercises in details.
We practices individually and as a group. The efforts were made to identify how do we implement what we learned

Home work wasn’t collected, it will be collected next time – it was what’s in the contents (identifying vowels and practicing).

Islamic Studies: Aliya Mahmood

We talked about the purpose of adhan and then students who knew adhan did it in class. We also did the meanings of the adhan. Talk to your child to see if they remember anything. Their homework for this class is to memorize adhan. Kindly help your boys with that.
Also In class I listened to the steps of wudu and the prayer for ablution from each student. Please see teachers remark sheet for how your kid did. For those who did not know either the steps or the prayer kindly make an effort to help them memorize.

Contemporary Studies : Khalid Kark

We discussed the notion of Jihad in the present time and how the Promised Messiah told us about the Jihad of the pen –  and that included propagating the true teaching of Islam. We saw a short video clip of Qasim Rasheed defending Islamic teachings on FOX news. We then went through the True Islam flyer and assigned a topic to each kid – to prepare one or two lines that we will video record the next class. Here are the assignments.
  1. True Islam wholly rejects all forms of terrorism – Aiden
  2. True Islam believes in non violent Jihad of the self and of the pen – Daniyal
  3. True Islam believes in the equality, education, and empowerment of women – Faris
  4. True Islam advocates freedom of conscience, religion, and speech –
  5. True Islam advocates for the separation of mosque and state – Faaez
  6. True Islam believes in loyalty to your country of residence – Zuhair
  7. True Islam encompasses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Mahid
  8. True Islam believes in all verses of the Qur’an and forbids lying – Taha
  9. True Islam recognizes that no religion can monopolize salvation – Zain

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