TAD Jan 24 Class Notes: SL Boys

Holy Qur’an: Daud Nasrullah

We again reviewed short and long vowels and then discussed super long vowels in more detail. Emphasis was on practicing the short/long/super long vowels and we did the exercises for these in class.
Also practiced the Surah Al- Kafirun, in the exercise while creating emphasis on recognizing the long and super long vowels while reciting the Surah
– homework was not checked this time, wanted to complete the super long vowels before checking. All the homework will be checked in the next class.
– Since these are older kids students were asked that it will be a good idea if the try to also memorize the Surah’s that are given for practice.

Islamic Studies: Riyaz Muhammad sub for Aasim Ahmad

We had a short class as the students spent more time on Contemporary Studies extended period. Went through the prayers listed in the folder. It is expected that children at this age group should know all the prayers during Salat – parents to take note and make sure children study these prayers.

Contemporary Studies: Khalid Kark sub for Yasser Suhail

We had a very engaging discussion on logical arguments for the existence of God. Some of the kids were not convinced that those arguments hold true unless you make a “leap of faith”. It ended up being a healthy dialog on how to put forth an argument for non believer.  We discussed various verses of the Holy Quran and how they fortell what science is just discovering – the expanding universe and the black hole. We also,saw this video on class  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pAnRKD4raY about black holes.The video is a really good primer on black holes. As homework assignment ( the boys were asked to watch this video again and choose a verse or versus from the Holy Quran that explain the phenomenon of black holes through their essay assignment already in the folders. Overall the class was engaged and participated actively.

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