TAD Jan 24 Class Notes: SL Girls

Holy Qur’an: Daud Abdullah

We again reviewed short and long vowels and then discussed super long vowels in more detail. Emphasis was on practicing the short/long/super long vowels and we did the exercises for these in class.
Also practiced the Surah Al- Kafirun, in the exercise while creating emphasis on recognizing the long and super long vowels while reciting the Surah
– homework was not checked this time, wanted to complete the super long vowels before checking. All the homework will be checked in the next class.
– Since these are older kids students were asked that it will be a good idea if the try to also memorize the Surah’s that are given for practice.

Islamic Studies: Komal Munir

Listened to the previous prayers with translation. The girls knew it with translation 100%.Checked the question for homework as well which was research on Hazrat Jonah(AS) and his patience, we further elaborated on this topic in class.
Covered some vocabulary words, which we highlight as we read the chapter.
If parents can make sure the students memorize the assigned homework with translation for next time.

Contemporary Studies: Nadia Mohammed

We shared answers to the homework question regarding logical arguments for the existence of God. It was interesting to hear the various perspectives our students felt appealed to them.
We read through the folder material about the connection of Islamic verses and modern scientific ideas. We also discussed the homework project in detail. Parents please ensure your student starts the project soon to allow ample time for creativity and avoid last minute throw togethers.