TAD Very Important News

Assalamu Alaikum parents

Alhamdulillah, we are happy to let you know that Tahir Academy in the USA has now reached an important milestone – we now have a national Syllabus common for Atfal and Nasirat. This has been made possible by National Sadr Lajna and National Sadr MKA working with National Tarbiyat Department.

We had a Tahir Academy Dallas board meeting last Sunday and it was decided that, Insha Allah, starting March, there will not be separate Nasirat class (Atfal classes have been merged with Tahir Academy for sometime already). We are working on the new syllabus and system and request your prayers and continued cooperation for making this transition a success. We now have Secretary Nasirat and Nazim Atfal as associate Principals, strengthening the team.

For parents and children who are part of Tahir Academy already, the transition will be transparent. We will still continue the same calendar (second and fourth Sundays of the month) and timings. We also plan to continue the monthly binders with lesson plans and homework.

Please view Jan 24 class notes at the link below. Please note a special homework for ML1 children and train them to be in front of camera for the next class. (Feb 14)

SL Boys
SL Girls


Principal, Tahir Academy Dallas.