TAD Change in class days

Assalamu Alaikum parents

Sorry to inform you of a change in our class schedule

We are to have TAD classes every second and fourth Sundays by default. As per that our class should have been on May 8th and thats how it has been on Jamaat calendar. But by mistake, we assumed it as May 15 (May 15 is actually third Sunday) and did our planning accordingly. You can see the folders also have the date as May 15 for the next class.

Unfortunately we cannot have classes on May 15 since there are other programs on that day at Masjid. I am so sorry for this mistake and I take responsibility for that mistake.

So we will not have our class on May 8th of May 15th.

Also we are coming to the end of the year, and on May 22, we are planning a field trip for the kids. We are working on the details and will get back to you soon on this. Field trip is covered by Jamaat budget.

We will also have a graduation day as we did last year. The graduation awards are covered by the parents – last year we had some funds collected for our stationary purchases and used the left over funds for graduation awards. We did not do a collection this year and we have to get that started now. We advised $15 per child last year and many people paid much more. I would request all parents to have your share so that we can do a good graduation day – we all should feel we are coming together as parents to arrange this graduation day and award to the kids.

Also on May 8, we have the True Islam event at Kerr Elem. (10 min from mosque) from 3PM – 5PM. Our kids have discussed the True Islam points in depth in their classes and have made a couple videos as well. Two of those videos are published already (see links below). I would like to make sure that every home visits the www.trueislam.com link and make sure every member of the family endorses the points as well. Let your child know once you did it – we will be asking the kids if they have their families endorse the drive already, and the ones completed will get a special gift too.

Wassalam and request for prayers

Riyaz Muhammad
for Tahir Academy Dallas

True Islam videos by the kids
ML2 – https://youtu.be/01lBV8ie6Zo
ML1 – https://youtu.be/P3g8opwUUcs