TAD Announcing Tahir Academy Field trip

Assalamu Alaikum

As was announced earlier, we are planning to have this years field trip for the kids on Sunday, 22 May 2016. We have been working with various options suitable for the age groups and availability etc. And at this time we are settling on the following.

Please note that this year we are not planning a trip for the younger kids (PL) below 7 years of age.

SL Girls and Boys will be visiting a Gurdwara. They will get a tour around the Gurdwara and will get to know how they pray and what they pray. They will also get to know some of the key cultural activities at the Gurdwara and understand the concept of Lungar and how they manage the Lungar in the Sikh community

ML1 and ML2 kids will be doing some pottery activity at a location in Allen. They will create their own piece of art which they will get to keep. We believe the kids will have fun working on this.

Parents will be dropping off the kids at the regular Tahir Academy timing – between 10:45 and 11:00. We will be arranging transportation and the teachers will be traveling with the kids. Pick up time is expected to be at 2:30PM – will be updated as we progress in our planning.

Call to action
We are making reservations for the activities now and will appreciate early notice if any of the kids will not be available on 22 May.


Staff, Tahir Academy Dallas