ML1 Class Recap Nov 13

Contemporary Studies: Khalid Kark

In the  ML-1 class we continued with the topic of remembering Allah, we had a discussion of how important it was to remember Allah outside of the daily prayers and we discussed various ways of doing that in the class by asking the class to give examples. We then covered the recent elections and what it meant to be a Muslim in America today. We discussed how the kids felt and how Islam teaches us to respect the leaders of your country even though they are not Muslims.
Overall the class was very engaged except for a couple of girls.

Islamic Studies: Aliya Ahmad

We read etiquettes of Mosque today and kids participated very nicely. Assistants listened to the assigned hw. We still have a lot of 7/8 years old especially the new ones who are trying to memorize Salat. The older ones who know salat already will be given the meanings to memorize.

Holy Qur’an: Tahir Abdullah

Topic covered : Short Vowels
Went over recitation of Surah Ikhlas.
Home Work given and discussed:
1)     Write full set of all Arabic Letters once
2)     What are short vowels, write the answer in your own words
3)     Recite Surah Ikhlas (Chapter 114) and write down the Translation.