ML2 Class Recap Nov 13

Contemporary Studies : Jari Khan

In our class we revised our whole syllabus one more time. 2 girls and 6 boys have yet to memorize prayer for entering and exiting mosque. That is the only home work they will have and who have memorized the prayer need to learn the translation. Overall they are great kids ready to contribute and learn from me and teach me as well. Jazakallah see next time

Islamic Studies: Hamid Sheikh

For Ml2 islamic studies we continued salat with translation. we revised rukoo, tasmee, tahmeed and jalsah.
Homework is to memorize prayer for tahmeed and jalsah with arabic and english translation.

Holy Qur’an : Tahir Abdullah

Use this material (click here) for study at home. Students will get a copy for their binders in the next class.
Topic Covered in details:
  • Usage and variance of Alif.
  • Details of Hamzatul-Wasal.
Home Work given and discussed:
1)     Please answer below questions about the Letter Alif:
a.      Briefly define the Three distinct usage of Alif?
b.      Please define Hamzatul-Wasal?
c.      Please write in Details the rules to pronounce a word that contains Hamzatul-Wasal
2)     Please recite and write down the translation of Surah Al Lahab.