SL Boys Class recap Nov 13

Contemporary Studies : Yasser Suhail

In the SL Boys class, we started off with a revision of the topics from the last class i.e. Bullying and Cyber Bullying as it had been a while since we discussed it. All the boys participated well but some of them did not do the homework and did not read the material at home. We then moved on to a discussion on the last topic for this term i.e. Patience. Under these topics, the 2016 US election was also discussed along with other examples. They boys have been assigned a homework of reading through all the material for this term and writing a paragraph around the topic of Patience. In the next class, we will revise everything we have covered this term.

Islamic Studies: Waqas Hussain

We covered the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) after migration. Their homework last time was to read from Basics of Religous Knowledge pages 225-231 which covers this portion of his life. I was a bit disappointed that some of the students did not completely read all of the pages, even though it was a relatively simple assignment. We discussed key aspects of the Prophets (SAW) life after migration.
For this week’s HW assignment, I asked them to go back and read those same pages again and write down 10 interesting facts. I have also asked them to read the Holy Prophet (SAW) final sermon and write down 5 interesting facts to discuss next class.
In the next class I plan on reviewing all of the material from this semester and in the final class I will give them an exam.

Holy Qur’an : Daud Nasrullah

I have spent the past 3 lessons going over haroof-e-tahajee and working with them so students are able to write Arabic words as they hear them. This lesson we went over Haroof e shamsee and qamaree and also practiced and reviewed homework material which was to write Aoozobillah and Bismillah 10 times each in Arabic and they should be able to write from memory.  I made them come up on the board and write and I see they are making progress Alhamdolillah. Some of the students did not write 10 times so I asked them to complete that.
Also for next homework they are to memorize and practice reading Surah Al Humaza and should  read its short commentary and we will discuss that in class next time.