SL Girls Class Recap Nov 13

Contemporary Studies: Nadia Mohammed

Covered the remaining aspects of cyber bullying but more then half of the class was absent. We later moved on to patience in our daily lives.

The assigned homework was to pick one of the tips listed in the class material and explain how each girl has experienced it in a manner that could help them with their patience level. Or they can explain a situation in which using one of the tips would have increased their patience.

Islamic Studies: Maham Ahmad

In SL girls Islamic Studies class we went over and discussed the readings about the Prophet Muhammad I had assigned last class. We also went over the line by line translation of a part of Salaat. I am planning on reviewing everything next class and the next class after having a quiz.
I have noticed that all the girls are at a different level of learning (some know the whole Salaat with translation while some do not know any translation) as a result it is hard to assign homework and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Holy Qur’an: Komal Munir

In  SL Quran we went over the previous topics which were:

  • Heavy letters: same sounding letters, the short vowels: Fatha, kasra and zamma.
  • Three uses of the letter Alif.

Before I move on I want all girls to be familiar with previous work!

Homework: Know your Huruf Halqi: there are six plus practice saying  Tauz(auzubillah) with proper pronunciation recitation form.