ML1 Class Recap Nov 27

Islamic Studies : Aliya

We did a review of salat until Sajda. We listened to all the kids one by one and for the ones present today I exactly know who knows wha. It will help make me a plan for what I want to teach in the upcoming months. After I am done listening to all the students I will sent a note to parents telling them the progress of their kids and what they need to help them with at home.

Contemporary Studies: Riyaz (substitute)

We shared story time in class. We read the story “The patient and the old man” in class and discussed how an old man, who was sick and blind could keep himself happy with the gratitude to Allah for what he has. We also talked about how we all get busy with the things we have, but do not count them, rather be sad about what we do not have. As homework, students are asked to draw one thing that they like most. Parents please talk about the thing they draw at home and ask them to be grateful to Allah for that.

Holy Qur’an: Tahir Abdullah

1) Discussed “Facts from Quran” (this is a brief discussion on interesting facts from Quran) – mention of force of Gravity in Quran.
2) Collected homework from last class, everyone who attended the last class turned in the complete homework with exception of two students overall. I will be marking them and add comments and return during the next class, insha Allah!
3) The focus was on practicing recitation of prescribed chapters. We went over reciting individually and as a group. Discussed melody (first time today), applying rules learned thus far and pronunciation, flow and importance of practicing and ready Quran every day.
Parents are requested to encourage and track daily recitation