ML2 Class Recap: Nov 27

Islamic Studies: Hamid Sheikh

We covered Tahmeed, Jilsah and Atahaiyyat today. Homework from last Tahir Academy was memorization of Tahmeed and Jilsah prayers, Arabic and English. Most kids did Arabic of Tahmeed prayer, but majority hadn’t yet learned the Jilsah prayer.
Homework assigned today is English of Tahmeed, and English/Arabic of Jilsah prayer (re-assigned), and Arabic only of Atahaiyyat.
We can’t move forward in the class if kids don’t memorize the prayers. Requesting parents to help their kids memorize and then say those prayers in Salat.

Contemporary Studies : Jari Khan
Today our attendance was dismal. But 5 girls and 3 boys who attended memorized entery and exit prayers for the mosque along with translation. Girls were 100 % in memorizing the prayers with translation. Boys need to work on it still. In our next class we will ask the prayers again along with translation. This is homework for those who have not memorized the prayer and translation yet. Those who have done it already have no home work other than revising both prayers with translation. If we achieve 100 % for the whole class it will be a success for us all. Students will be given chocolate 🍫 inshallah if they are not allergic to it.

Holy Qur’an: Tahir Abdullah
1) Discussed “Facts from Quran” (this is a brief discussion on interesting facts from Quran) – mention of force of Gravity in Quran.
2) Collected homework from last class, everyone who attended the last class turned in the complete homework with exception of two students overall. I will be marking them and add comments and return during the next class, insha Allah!
3) The focus was on practicing recitation of prescribed chapters. We went over reciting individually and as a group. Discussed melody (first time today), applying rules learned thus far and pronunciation, flow and importance of practicing and ready Quran every day.