SL Girls Class Recap: Nov 27

Islamic Studies: Maham

SL girls just reviewed what they had learned so far in preparation for next class which will be a quiz.

Contemporary Studies:

We had the students listen to and discuss on the topic “Faith, Family and Career” with Dr.Irfan Ali and Dr.Tayyeba Ali, from Arkansas, and a TAD family. They talked about the importance of keeping all the three pillars solid for a successful life and how these can be maintained together.

Holy Qur’an: Komal

SL girls covered the forms of Alif and previous lesson revision.
Girls had to circle the different forms, they read Sura Al Fateha with proper pronunciation.
Homework is to memorize: Sura Humazah and Sura Al Asr with translation. Also to circle the various Alif forms in Surah Al Fateha with in the packet they were given today.