TAD Class review : Nov 27

Assalamu Alaikum

We have technically come to the close of first term of Tahir Academy classes. Detailed notes from teachers are below. Please note some important comments from teachers. In summary

1. ML1 students – Focus is on Salat most of the year. This age group is mostly starting Salat, and we would like parents to motivate and encourage the kids to do Salat and memorize the prayers as well.

2. ML2 students – many boys are not doing their homework. Request you to make sure that the homework assigned is completed. Especially in Islamic Studies where the focus is Salat. This age group should know Salat by now and they should be performing daily Salat as well. Need attention at home on this.

3. SL Boys and Girls : Please note they will have a quiz in the next class. They did review in class last week, but request to revise at home as well.

Here are the detailed notes from teachers. Once again request your attention on these and get the kids prepared for the next class.

ML1 | ML2 | SL Boys | SL Girls

Also, a humble request to parents – if your child(ren) is(are) not able to attend any class for any reason, please let me know by emailing principal at the earliest. That will help us in planning and tracking.