TAD Important Information re: Tahir Academy Dallas

Want to share a couple of exciting news about our Tahir Academy.

1. Today we had a board meeting, which approved Munawar Ahmad Sahib as our next Principal.
Munawar Ahmad Sahib has been shadowing us for sometime and Insha Allah will formally become the Principal starting January 2017. He is already included in the Teachers mailing list and the principal ID is in the process of being forwarded to his email address. In the meanwhile, if you need to reach him, he is at munawarlahori.

2. We have decided to increase our attention to the PL class (ages 5 and 6). Starting January, this class will start at 12 Noon and will end at 1:45. Their first period will be in the Library on the men’s side, and after lunch, the second period will be on the ladies side. We will also have check in / check out for this age group – and they will all be provided with folders.The extended time will be used for Yassarnal Qur’an class.

All my praise to Allah, and I want to thank each and every one of the extended TAD community for all the support through the last 2+ years. I would specially thank Yasser and Nadia for the heavy lifting during the first year, the bed rock of which we have been banking on since then.

Please extend your full support to Munawar Sahib.

Once again, thank you all and request to keep me in your prayers.