TAD Class of March 26, 2017

Dear Parents — Assalamoalaikum WRWBI hope and pray that you all and the children are well.

First thing first:- After the last class I could not complete printing the course material sheet in time and, therefore, the new sheet was not inserted in the front sleeve of the folder. The one you see there is from the previous class. Please remove that sheet. That will give you one more chance to review the folder material with your child.

I know Atfal are getting ready to go to Austin to participate in Ijtema activities. Have safe travel. And Nasirat have their Ijtema on the following Saturday. Good Luck to all participants. I am sure that the preparation/training your children get at Tahir Academy will definitely help them shine through their respective competitions.

The course material covered during the last class is attached as usual.

Wassalaam … Munawar Ahmad​

vnd.google-apps.spreadsheetActivities & Progress March 26, 2017