TAD Final Class on Sunday, May 14

Dear Parents — Assalamoalaikum WRWBI hope and pray that you all and the children are well.

I will be sending out another email about field trip on May 20. We will be going to the Main Event. Please respond to that mail as soon as possible because we will be purchasing tickets for the students which are typically non-refundable.

Our final class is on May 14th. Although the summary sheet for the activities during the previous class was sent with each student, I am attaching the same here as reminder. Please notice that ML1 students have reading assignments for Holy Qur’an and Islamic Studies and Quiz for Contemporary Studies. ML2 students have homework for two of the classes and test for the third. SL girsls have test in 2 classes and SL boys have homework for 1 class and test/presentation for another. Please help them prepare.

I humbly request everybody to pray for a very successful and safe completion of this term. Jazakallah.

Wassalaam … Munawar​
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