TAD Re: On Time Policy

Jazakallah Waqar Bhai,

We’ll discuss this in our core team meeting, wanted to let you know that the official check in time starts at 10:45 and we do have TAD staff here at 10:30 onwards for early arrivals.


On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 11:01 AM, Waqar Nadeem <callwaqar> wrote:

AA Principal Sahib,

I am just concerned about kids who live far away from mosque and the policy of one minute late tardy. Isn’t that too strict on the kids? Even professional institutions allow a little room if someone cannot make it on time. In real world few things can happen to add time to someone’s commute.

You may say that kids also arrive at school on time but kid’s school is much closer as compared to the mosque. Please revise this policy and allow some time to the kids who live far away. I agree we should make kids more punctual and its a part of training but this one minute late policy is putting stress on the drivers. Thank you for looking into it.


Waqar Nadeem