TAD Homework and Security Volunteers

Assalam O Alaikum Dear Parents,

I have only heard from a couple of parents that they were not able to access the homework file. I am assuming everyone else did. Please reach out to us if you are having any difficulty in accessing the file. I am copying the homework table from last Tahir Academy just in case. Homework is 40% of the term grade, please work with your kids to ensure they spend the time on it.
Also, Talal Virk sahib and Mahmood Chaudhary sahib will be contacting fathers for security duty for Tahir Academy. Please work with them to volunteer for at least one Sunday every year.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions/concerns or suggestions.


Khalid Kark
Serving as
Principal Tahir Academy Dallas

Teacher Notes HW
Ruby Shah Faiza: recognition and pronunciation of Arabic letters Revision and practice of letters
Faiza Nauman How to write Arabic letters from Alif to zaal Write 5 times Arabic letters from Alif to zaal. rwmember five times please .
Zahia Shah Steps of Ablution, Prayer of beginning and ending Ablution Memorize prayers before and after Ablution, with translation. Pages in ML1 IS sections regarding ablution. Next class, I will ask the students the names of the Khulfa-e-Rashdeen in order. They should have them memorized at this point.
Saad Malik Study the story of pateint and old man read the story of ugly ducking again and write a small paragraph on bullying
Tahir Abdullah 1) Revised Shadda (Rules of Shadda), practiced a few sounds. 2) Introduced "Tanvween" and Rules of Tanvween. And how Shadda changes those rules (exceptions). Had individuals re-state the definitions learned and rephrase. 3) Recited Surah Al-Nnaas: had some individuals recite, we also talked about how an Ayat (Full Stop) takes precedence over a Stop Sign like "Laa" (No). 1) Starting immediately, All Surah’s included in the content are assigned for Memorization. The Goal is to memorize the Surah’s completely (keeping the rules of recitation learned in mind) by end of the Term. Every class, we will do some testing and will be included the in Final Grades in te exam. Please NOTE, this memorization will be in addition to the other home work items. Parents should work with kids at home to make sure kids are memorizting, and if they have already memorized, then let’ work on Rules of Recitation learned in memorized verses/ Surah. Knowing and Memorizing Translation will be considered for Bonus Points. 2) On blank piece of Paper: Please write down the Definition of Tanveen, and the two exceptions when a Tanveen occurs before a Shadda in your own words.
Hamid Sheikh We covered prayers after salat, arabic and english. We also did translation of niyyah. Homework is 4.10, 4.11, 4.12. Also memorize prayers after namaz.
Aasim Ahmad We reviewed bullying and different types including virtual/cyber, physical, and verbal. students shared different personal experiences of bullying. Discuss as a family how to avoid bullying and become responsible students/citizens.
Daud Nasrullah Revised and practiced shadda and pronouncing of 3-4 shadda words. Put emphasis on making sure that while reading shadda words long vowels and other rules are observed Practice the pages where 3-4 letter shadda words are in the notes. Practice with your parents for atleast 10 minutes everyday
Khalid Kark Reviewed content from pages 1-13. Many of the kids had not read these pages even though the HW for last two classes was to review this content. Write ten conditions of Bait in there own words. And write an essay on the life of the Promised Messiah 500 words with two distinct time periods 1835-1889 and 1890-1908
Yasser Suhail We covered the same topics as we did in the class on 12/24 because a large majority of the students missed that class. We talked about the concepts of monotheism, polytheism and atheism and then had a discussion around which world religions would fall under which category. We then discussed some specific structural element of Hinduism. Students were asked to read the full section on Hinduism at home. Read the full section on Hinduism and then answer the questions at the end of that section. The students who were present last time and submitted this same Homework during this class received extra credit.
Komal Munir 1.Rules of Shadda, went over pages 2-7 exercise 2. Four letters with combined sound in reference to shadda and blank Alif rule. 3. Rules for Tanween before Shadda. Students are requested to revise pages2-7 everyday. Home work questions will be posted on google classroom!
Maham Hussain read through pages 14-17 and discussed Complete exercises 3.5 and 3.6 from workbook
Nadia Mohammed Wrapped up our discussion on Hinduism which lead to our new topic of Buddhism. Asked the girls to think about similarities of religions and how all religions ask their followers to be good to each other. Homework will be assigned via Google classroom. Jzk to all the parents support during this paperless transition. Email me any questions at dfwnadia
Riyaz Muhammad Revised 3-4 letter shadda words and also learned and practiced the rule of tanween as it relates to shadda. Use this link to go to the homework
Waqas Hussain We reviewed the 5th and 6th conditions of Bai’ait and also read pages from the book 10 Conditions of Bai’ait written by Khaliftatul Masih V. HW is to write 2 paragraphs about the 5th condition and 6th condition and give examples of how they could apply it in their daily lives.
Azhar Hussain Discussed Buddhism and compared its principles to Islam. Briefly discussed the life of Siddhartha Buddha and his break from Hinduism. Also addresses the eightfold path and the 10 Buddhist commandments. Homework will be based on the slides presented in class and the sl2 cs workbook