TAD Fwd: Tahir Academy Staff Appreciation Night

Dear Parents, Assalam O Alaikum,

I am sure you got the following email from Gen. Sec. Sahib regarding the teacher appreciation night this Sunday. I am hoping all of you can join and enjoy the festivities. I wanted to pass on two messages to the kids through you.
1. There will be no speeches, lectures or presentations. 🙂 This is an event to enjoy for kids, parents and staff and thank Allah for our blessings. Kids are allowed to bring board games and other activities to enjoy with friends.
2. The kids will have the mic. and we are hoping every kid has something to say something about Tahir Academy, teachers or staff. Please spend a few mins with hem to help them think through.

Since this is a staff appreciation night, we are planning to serve some good desi dinner. (there will be one kid friendly option.).

Please be there by 5:30, or you will be marked tardy ;-).
Don’t forget to bring dessert.!!

Hoping to see you all this Sunday inshallah.

Khalid Kark
Serving as
Principal Tahir Academy Dallas