TAD New Tahir Academy Principal

Dear Parents and Teachers, Assalam O Alaikum,
Today Tahir Academy Dallas Board nominated Riyaz Muhammad sahib as the Principal and Daud Nasrullah Saib as Vice Principal. It has truly been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve as the Principal for our Tahir Academy.

Over the past few years as I have engaged with other Principals around the country, it has dawned upon me that Alhamdulillah we have a very special thing going here in Dallas. Even at Jalsa, a person from Philadelphia approached me and said they heard how active and engaged our Tahir Academy was.
Mashallah our students are exceptional and very gifted and rarely have I seen the parents so involved and dedicated. It has truly been Allah’s blessing to get such great kids and active parent involvement. Lets take a minute and thank the Almighty for his immense favor and pat ourselves on the back a little. 🙂
I want to thank all the parents and teachers for their outstanding support and and want to apologize for anything I may have said or done consciously or inadvertently that hurt anybody.
I wish Riyaz bhai and team all the best and pray for the continued success of Tahir Academy Dallas. The new year for Tahir Academy will inshllah commence on August 25 (first class).
Lastly I would request you all to please remember me and my family in your special prayers.


Khalid Kark