Final Exams – Information

Level 1 and Level 2 exam will be held as oral only test. Teachers will be contacting you to schedule them. Other levels have both online written exam as well as oral portions.

Test Schedule

  • L1 and L2 : Tests are oral only. Open from Jun 3 through Jun 21. Your assigned teacher will contact you on how to conduct this. L2 test will have the auxiliary portion as well.
  • L3 – L5 : Please review the Online Study Guide and the Auxiliary study guide below from today. The online tests will open on Jun 6. Please complete the online test. Once you submit, study the Oral Exam study guide below. Once ready, contact your assigned teacher and pick a schedule for your oral test. Please note online exams will not be available after Jun 14. Oral tests can be taken till Jun 21.

Teacher Assignments

  • L1 : Sabahat
  • L2: Aliya
  • L3: Tahir Abdullah
  • L4 Girls: Tooba
  • L4 Boys: Ahad
  • L5 Girls: Khoshnoor
  • L5 Boys: Daud

Reference Material


  • Listen to recitation of the Holy Qur’an (arranged by Juzu’) click here

Additional Information

The online test will be open between Jun 6 and 14. All the online testing will need to be completed within that window. The tests are not timed but the students are expected to keep in mind Allah is watching what they do.

Online test will have to done in one go. There is no save option. Also only the first submission is evaluated. Any repeat submissions are automatically deleted.

Please note that L2 onwards, there are some questions included from previous levels. This is to reinforce the learning kids have acquired in previous years than forget that.

Evaluation for online tests will be done at national level and results will be sent to Principals by June 19. We will then combine the grades with oral exam guide, attendance grade etc. and the final grades will be computed

Sample test (eg. Level 3) link

If you have any questions, please contact Principal