Tahir Academy Classes Nov 9

Assalamu Alaikum parents

This is to remind you that we will have Tahir Academy classes this sunday, Nov 9 at 11AM. Masha Allah we have good support from all parents to get their kids on time and I thank each and every one of you for the same. Looking forward to your continued support.

To avoid crowding at the last minute for check-in, please try to reach 10 min early when possible. Insha Allah check in counters are operational from 10:45 AM.

Children will be returning the completed folders at the time of check in. Please make sure you go through the folders with them today / tomorrow. We expect that the students read through the entire folder at home. For younger age group, it is necessary that parents help them understand the topics.


Riyaz for Tahir Academy Dallas

Eid Mubarak!

Tahir Academy Dallas extends a hearty Eid Mubarak to all of you!

On this day, let us remember the great sacrifice Hadhrat Ibrahim (as) did centuries back, and reflect on how that sacrifice was accepted and rewarded for all these generations. Let us also pray Allah may accept our small sacrifices for the betterment of our children and the generations to come.

Homework Assignments – Sep 13

Here are the homework from the Sep 13 class. The student folder has all the material needed for the study and practice and all the worksheets. Please use a pencil and write neatly and legibly. The homework can be done over the next one month in two phases as below.

Age 7-10 group

Homework required for 9-28-14

Memorize Sura Fatiha with Translation on pg #1.1
Memorize Prayer for Parents with translation on pg #2 and complete question on this page
Memorize Ahadith in English regarding Importance of Motives on #4
Complete Worksheet #4
Complete page #6.1 in Subject 3

Homework required for 10-12-14

Worksheets #1 – Quantity 4
Worksheet #3 – Complete table
Worksheet #4 – Complete Table
Worksheet #5.2 – Complete Questions
Worksheet #6.1 in Subject 2 – Correctly Label
Worksheet #7.2 – Answer Questions

Age for 11-14 group

Homework required for 9-28-14

Memorize Sura Al-Takathur with Translation
Memorize Prayer for Success in Calling Allah with Translation
Memorize in English 2 Hadith on pg #2.3
Complete Assignment on pg #4

Homework required for 10-12-14

Complete worksheet regarding Sura Al-Takathur in Subject 1
Complete worksheet #1.1 regarding Prayer for Success in Calling Allah
Complete worksheet #2 & #2.2
Complete worksheet #3.1
Complete worksheet #5.2

The gates are set to open..

Assalamu Alaikum Parents

Alhamdulillah we are set to start our first class tomorrow, starting 11AM Insha Allah. A lot of work has been gone into this by many people directly and indirectly involved with the Academy. Insha Allah we have a lot more work to do and I request all parents to help out the teachers in this process. We will be requesting you directly in person for some of the activity, but please proactively come forward if you have any suggestions or if you will be able to help in any way.
Let me make sure that we keep discipline as the key pillar for this Academy. I request all parents to spend 10 minutes with their children today and educate them on being respectful and to follow instructions while at the Academy.
Please get the children wake up in time, get showers and dressed well. Feed them a good breakfast. Bring in a little early tomorrow – check in time normally is 10:45AM – and absolutely before 11:00AM. They do not need to bring any school supplies or books tomorrow. We will take care of that. But please make sure that they are not bringing any material not needed in the class – including but not limited to iPods and DSis. And if they are bringing a phone, it should remain in silent mode and should remain in their purse / pocket until the classes are over.
Parents need to come in to check the children in and we will give you a fridge magnet (one per family) with all the class days so that you do not forget when the next class is and which days you should expect home works. Also please join for Zuhr prayers and check them out in person after that.
Wassalam and request for prayers
the Staff and Teachers of Tahir Academy Dallas

The bells are ringing

Preparations for the grand opening are in full swing. New partitions, new whiteboards, markers, pencils, teacher notes, student folders, fridge magnet calendars … the list goes on. We are still working on enrollments that are coming in.

Update for 5-6 age group

We discussed a potential delay for the age group 5-6. We are happy to let you know that, Insha Allah, classes for this age group will start on Oct 12. We found it is better to delay the start date to give due focus for this group.

Insha Allah, see you all on Sep 13!!

Back to school night

Tahir Academy Dallas had its first ever Back to school night on Aug 31, 2014. The event this year focused on information to parents and QnA as all the students this year are new comers. We had a good attendance from both dads and moms and a big thank you to all the attendees! The presentation is available for viewing here.

Parents were also served tea, fruit juice and some snacks.

The student registration link on the website is now closed for term1. Enrollments are still open at the time of this writing, please contact us directly for availability and procedures for the same.

Special thanks to Sadr Sahib for his guidance throughout our journey and his well thought opening remarks yesterday, brother Zafar Paracha for photographing the event (pictures will be uploaded soon) and brother Tahir Malik for taking care of tea and snacks for us.

As we discussed, this is a new journey we are setting off and we are together in this journey. Let us pray that Allah be our strength, our protection and our goal and let us all unite in His cause!


Parent Information Meeting

Assalamu Alaikum!

We are very glad to welcome all parents to attend an informative session on Aug 31, 2014 at 6PM at the Masjid. We will Insha Allah be presenting the plans for the Academy and more specifically for the one term ahead, introduce you the teachers, give an overview of the Syllabus and try to answer your questions as well. Please mark your calendars!

– Academy Staff

Welcome to Tahir Academy Dallas

Assalamu Alaikum and welcome to the website of Tahir Academy Dallas!

We are currently busy populating the site with more contents. The student registration, teacher application and volunteer application links are already active and we encourage you to consider enrolling your children in this new Academy which will offer religious education in very student centered ways with more discussions and activities. We will also cater to our students who need help in their academic life as well.

Staff of Tahir Academy Dallas